Top 6 Simple Tips to Calculate Concrete Cost

Flat Slab floor estimates are often considered as the Bone of the building.The calculation involving the cost of concrete is more expensive than the real concrete (Per Yard) per meter.There are many key notes to consider such as surface prep, formwork, reinforcing materials, and finish work, plus the cost of the ready-mix concrete, that will add up to the total price of the job.It is obvious that the cost of the items will be varying from location to location.

Before a contractor initiates a project they need to know the types and quantities of different raw materials they need to complete the project. The requirement of materials and the cost estimation of labour will give an approximate picture of the cost of the Construction Project.

This article gives detailed information about Concrete Cost, and simple tips which can be used by a Junior Architect or a civil engineering student about how to create a flawless Concrete Cost Estimation

Cost Per Yard Ready Mix

The most important point to be considered is the market price of the Concrete. One can get the concrete quotations from the local vendors , once the project specifications are communicated to them .Concrete pricing is typically quoted per cubic yard or cubic meter (metre) for an average estimating number.

One must also keep in mind that the price of the concrete increases with the increase of concrete grade. The location of the project here matters as The distance between project site and concrete plant would influence concrete construction cost.

Cost of Concrete while doing the Subgrading

The first step in estimating a high-rise concrete building is to start by understanding the overall shape and height for each floor.Before placing the concrete over soil, you need to grade or prepare the surface of the concrete.Pricing for this can include expenses related to grading, compacting soil, excavating, trenching, and other components.
Whereas , when the soil is placed on a surface which is not leveled the cost of preparation would increase as it includes excavation cost,filing with suitable materials and removing soft soil.

Cost of Formwork

Formwork is the mould which is used in construction for giving desire structural shape by pouring concrete in the mold. Crafting the concrete forms usually reveals a significant portion of the total cost of concrete work, as this is one of the labour intensive aspects of the job. One should also understand how the form work is fixed and whether the form is rental or bought, the use of crane is needed or not, machines used to transport formwork materials, re-using formwork material, and repair of forms after multiple utilization.

Cost of Concrete Reinforcement

There are different types of reinforcement which are mainly used to reinforce concrete.For example, steel bars, wire mesh, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) bars, plastic mesh, and fiber added to concrete mixer to improve strength and crack resistance.Standard reinforcement cost would increase the construction cost . It is mainly dependent on the reinforcement materials used and size of the reinforcement.

Cost of Finishing Work in Concrete

For an Estimator it becomes very complex while estimating the Cost of Finishing.The type finishing and its complexities may escalate the concrete cost.Concrete could be finished in a number of different ways for example smooth surface, exposed aggregate surface, or stamped concrete finish.

Certain surfaces may require a strike off and screed to proper contour and elevation, while other surfaces, a broomed, floated, or troweled finish may be specified. Lastly the cost of testing and curing compounds is also added in the finishing cost .

Cost of Recruitment

In most cases during the Construction Project ,it is a mandate to recruit a Project Engineer for a smooth operation and also to emphasize that the work is done as per the applicable norms and project specifications.So the Cost of services done by the Project Engineer must be considered while estimating the construction cost.

The Final Word

During the Pre Construction Stage estimating Concrete Cost is the most crucial job.In order to render a precise Concrete Cost the estimator must look deeply into the above mentioned key notes and analyse each point thoroughly.

We all know concrete is used in the majority of Major Projects and creates 60% of the built environment.Thus it is imperative for the estimator to finalize the concrete cost in order to furnish an accurate construction cost.

Top 6 Simple Tips to Calculate Concrete Cost