Different kinds of Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) shape codes for steel

BBS or Bar bending schedule is a detailed report of list which tells us about the reinforcement types and sizes, its quantities, shape codes, dimensions and designated bar mark numbers with reference to a detailed structural drawing. There are different kinds of bar bending schedule or (BBS) which are used in reinforcement. The reinforcement design is relied on the load calculation.

Different bar sizes are calculate from BBS reinforcement and then the bars are cut and bend in appropriate size in the site. In this we will discuss different kinds of bar bending shape codes use to prepare bar bending schedule.

Importance of calculating bar schedule

  • Quantity of steel required in a project.
  • Labour cost.
  • Monitoring the project.
  • Conciliation of material.
  • Control of wastage of steel.

Bar bending shape codes

There are certain thumb rules for reinforcement calculation which are used for small projects but for large scale project bar bending schedule is prepared by using bar bending shape codes. This is applied to avoid unnecessary wastage of materials and also to cut the steel bar easily for reinforcement in the design.

Different bar bending shape codes are listed below: Here L= Total length of the bar

Different kinds of Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) shape codes for steel.

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